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Rt. 66 Photo Essay

“Osage Nation”, the Osage Nation Tourism Department.  A promotional video to encourage visitors to Osage County.

Western Oklahoma State College:  2 promotional videos targeting traditional and non-traditional students and a Comanche Language Lessons DVD for three to six-year-old children.

“Let’s Clear the Air”, UNITY, Inc.  A 30-second television PSA encouraging Native youth to use tobacco with respect.

“The Comanche Nation Museum”, the Comanche Nation Museum Board. A short piece designed to help the fundraising drive for the Comanche Nation’s museum.

“Talking Leaves Job Corp”, the Talking Leaves Job Corp, Cherokee Nation. Promotional video for recruiting.

"The Great American Foot Race".  A documentary about the late Andy Payne, a Cherokee Indian from Claremore, Oklahoma, who ran and won the Great Transcontinental Footrace in 1928.  Using archival footage, photographs and memorabilia, this project tells Mr. Payne’s story in the context of historic Route 66 and from the eyes of Indian country.  (This project was funded by: Native American Public Telecommunications, ITVS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting)

Three videos for the Diabetes Prevention Program of the Oglala Lakota Tribe:

    “Let’s Get Moving”.  A 30-minute low-impact aerobics exercise video set to Lakota music, led by Lakota aerobics instructor, Janice Richards.

    “Living in a Sacred Way” and “Change Can be Good”.  Two short videos focusing on diabetes prevention.  Both video programs compare the traditional Lakota lifestyle to the contemporary and encourage young Lakota people, especially, to consider the consequences of today’s diet and lack of exercise on their health.  

"A Native American Perspective: Constructing Success with Inquiry Based Science", Native Americans in Biological Sciences (NABS), Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.  A video report on the effectiveness of inquiry based science (IBS) teaching method. The NABS program at OSU has been using this method for several years in a summer camp designed to encourage Native American youth to pursue science careers. This project highlights the success of IBS and its effectiveness for teaching science.

"Living the Warrior Spirit Through Entrepreneurship", United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK. A half hour documentary exploring the world of native business and highlighting successful aboriginal entrepreneurs. Three individuals, two tribal efforts and a private non-profit micro-lending program are interviewed to show Native youth that there are alternatives to depending on tribal or federal money for a living.

Simple Simon’s Pizza, a corporate client. Several video tapes have been produced as part of an on going training program. Subjects include food preparation, quality control and customer service. There have also been productions on specific subjects such as dough handling and various machine operating procedures.

"Celebrate UNITY", United National Indian Tribal Youth, headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.  A video retrospect was produced as part of this organizations 20th anniversary. The script was developed from old newsletters, photos, posters and some video footage. On camera narration was provided by professional talent who participated in UNITY programs in their youth.

"Protect our Environment, Protect our Future", produced for The National Tribal Environmental Council.  An informational video on air quality in the Grand Canyon narrated by Wes Studi. This is a 15 minute condensation of technical information into a clear description of the importance of clean air to Indian tribes and how future EPA regulations could affect tribes' cultural, social and economic development.

"The Courage to Create: Masters of Contemporary Indian Art", Southwestern Association for Indian Arts.  This project provides a personal glimpse into the art and lives of Chiricahua Apache sculptor Allan Houser and San Ildefonso potter Maria Martinez. The first to receive SWAIA's Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Houser and Ms. Martinez were selected for their outstanding artistic achievements, personal integrity and significant impact on Native American arts.

"Contemporary Art of the Navajo Nation", Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.  The video interviews five Navajo artists whose works are a refreshing concept in Indian art. Drawing from traditional and everyday life, these artists show us a different view of Navajo life and culture. From a lizard in top hat and tails to pictographic rugs of dinosaurs, the art produced by these artists ranges from rather bizarre to almost ordinary.

"Arapaho Tipi Demonstration", The National Museum of the American Indian.  In the winter of 1993 the National Museum of the American Indian asked BIG Productions to "do something" with raw footage of an Arapaho tipi raising. The footage had been stored in a garage for ten years, and it was uncertain if anything could be salvaged. The resulting video illustrates BIG Productions' talent in both editing and script writing.

"Stumblingbear: the Video", BIG Productions.  A short video depicting Stumblingbear, a marionette fancy-dancer. Stumblingbear has toured the country beginning in 1993 with the Shared Visions Film and Video series sponsored by the National Museum of the American Indian. In 1993 Stumblingbear was also screened at the Two Rivers Native Film and Video Festival in, Minneapolis and the Second Annual First Nations Native American Film/Video Festival of Chicago. In 1994 Stumblingbear was screened at a film festival sponsored by the Southwest Museum, at Wind and Glacier Voices II, Native American Film and Media Celebration in New York, Dreamspeakers Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and won Best Animation at the 19th Annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

"One Voice, One Sky", produced by Native Images, Institute of American Indian Arts.

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The Great American 
Foot Race

Overweight with Crooked Teeth