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Rt. 66 Photo Essay

"Osage Murders"

BIG Productions is developing a documentary for public television about the murders of wealthy Osage tribal members in the 1920s. Few Osage families escaped the "Reign of Terror", as it became known. Economic racism spawned by federal legislation, greed and the attitude that the Osage didn't deserve their wealth contributed to this American holocaust. In the 21st century economic racism continues to threaten Indian Tribes' entire social and economic structures.

"Arrow Space"

Arrow Space is a feature-length comedy about the Sycamores, a casino rich tribe, whose Principal Chief has dreams of reaching outer space. Chief Woodrow Tall Tree has purchased, at a NASA surplus auction, several rocket engines and has the task of convincing his people and his tribal government that their destiny lies in the stars… (It could happen.)

Available Titles

Surviving Strong

The Great American 
Foot Race

Overweight with Crooked Teeth