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Production Elements

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BIG Productions begins with a meeting to discuss your idea and how to turn it into a video production that accomplishes your goal. Using information from this meeting and other input from you and your staff a script is written, if necessary, and submitted for review and revision. After the script revision cycle, a final script is submitted for your approval. It is extremely important in this step that you carefully review the script and make changes. This final script is the blueprint that we follow in further planning.
In pre-production BIG Productions arranges all logistical matters required by production, with assistance from you or your designee. This ranges from preparing for field production to renting or building a set to finding and contracting with crew and talent. Once all the pieces are lined up, a shoot schedule is established and necessary equipment and supplies are obtained. Included in this phase is the search for stock or archival images (film and photographs), if appropriate, and obtaining permission to use them in a production. Music for the production should be decided on at this time. There are several options: contract for original music to be created for the production, obtain permission from a recording company for the use of existing music, hire a musician to play an original composition. In any event obtaining permission to use any music is critical, with the exception of some "canned" music.
At this phase BIG Productions assembles a field production crew and commences to shoot all necessary footage for the completion of the production. Depending on the script and your needs this could entail traveling to various locations to shoot scenics, interviews, or events. Or it could be shooting from a constructed set at one or more locations. Music will also be recorded at this time. The number of personnel involved changes with the need of each production. BIG Productions basic crew includes 3 people: Camera/Director, Production Manager, and Lighting/Sound Director. Larger productions can involve more people and different needs such as craft service, catering, props and makeup, drivers, assistants for everybody, etc.
In this phase all raw footage is reviewed and logged. Adjustments to the script, if necessary, are made. Stock and archival images are obtained and photographs shot on tape for use in the production. Talent is hired to narrate, if required, and graphics are prepared. Any changes to the script at this point will definitely involve additional expense, as the narration will have to be re-recorded and possibly images obtained. The raw footage is edited and a rough-cut submitted to you for review and approval. You are encouraged to review the rough-cut for accuracy and completeness.
BIG Productions takes your recommendations from the rough-cut and incorporates them into a fine cut of the production. The finished production will be delivered on a master format (BetaSP or DVD). It is usual to include at least one viewing copy (DVD or VHS) with the finished master. At this point the production is finished. Additional copies of the production can be negotiated.

Available Titles

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