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"Surviving Strong"

In September of 2004 the National Museum of the American Indian held it's grand opening.  The festivities began with the Native Nations Procession and continued in a week long celebration in Washington, DC.  For Native people it was an emotional, exciting, once in a lifetime event.  Thousands joined the procession, proudly wearing tribal dress and carrying banners identifying their indigenous nations.
The crew of BIG Productions was on hand to record this momentous event and to conduct "Indian in the street" interviews with participants who explain what it means to them that, at last, the Native peoples of the Americas are being recognized in the city of monuments.                        DVD 20 minutes. $12.95 plus s/h  

"The Great American Footrace"

If asked to name athletic endurance tests, many things might spring to mind - Alaska's Iditarod, the Tour de France, the Olympic Marathon - to name a few. But undoubtedly the greatest test of endurance, all but forgotten today, was an unbelievable cross-country foot race from Los Angeles to New York that took place in 1928.  
The Great American Foot Race, dubbed "the Bunion Derby" by sports writers of the day, was a grueling competition in which 199 runners attempted to cross the United States.  Facing scorching temperatures, intermittent supplies of food and water, competing without modern running shoes or equipment, only 55 men finished the 84-day race from LA to New York.  THE GREAT AMERICAN FOOT RACE documents this extraordinary 3,422-mile cross-country trek, won by 19-year-old Cherokee Indian Andy Payne, the shy son of an Oklahoma farmer who entered the race because "I just thought I could do it."  
Following the newly designated Route 66 from LA to Chicago, the film tells the story of a race that was filled with drama, hucksterism, and even, the early beginnings of corporate sponsorship of athletic events.
DVD 56:40 
To order go to www.visionmaker.org
"Overweight with Crooked Teeth"
A collaborative effort between BIG Productions and Canadian artist Shelley Niro (Mohawk). Based on a poem written by Michael Doxtater (Mohawk), "Crooked Teeth" explores the issue of the identity of Native people. For centuries our identity was determined by government: federal and sometimes state. It was "the government" who decided who was Indian, and who was not. This video questions the perceptions of the average (non-Indian) citizen by asking pointedly, "What were you expecting, anyway? Sitting Bull? Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce saying ...'the earth and I are one'"? Native images and special effects are used to accentuate the question and to puncture some stereotypes held regarding Native people.
DVD 4 minutes $9.95 plus s/h

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Surviving Strong

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The Great American 
Foot Race
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Overweight with Crooked Teeth

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